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Mission & Vision

Committed to Making a Difference

Valley Haven is the only Emergency Children’s Shelter, in Cameron County.  It is also the largest in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.   Our mission is to provide refuge for abused, neglected, and abandoned children who have been removed from their homes through Child Protective Services. Valley Haven works to end conditions that seemingly perpetuate never-ending cycles of child abuse and neglect.   Valley Haven provides a properly equipped 36-bed home-like facility with a highly trained staff to house and execute this kind of effort. 

At Valley Haven, our goal is to stop the cycle of abuse, allowing the children in our care to heal and learn to have strong, nurturing relationships with their own children.   By showing and teaching appropriate ways to trust and love each other, the children at Valley Haven will feel safe, begin to heal, and look at their future in a positive way. Our children deserve the chance to grow into loving, caring, and happy adults that have had the opportunity to heal from this very traumatic time in their lives.

When children are removed from their homes they lose more than their parents, grand-parents and family.  Often they lose their home, school, friends, and sometimes even their siblings. These are the same brothers and sisters who helped support one another and survive traumatic, abusive environments. Siblings are often separated because services needed to care for them are not available in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Valley Haven is here to bridge that gap. Our main priority is to keep the children and their siblings that come into our care safe, cared for and together!

Valley Haven's mission is to protect, guide, and nurture abused and neglected children by providing them a safe and loving home!

Mission & Vision
Our Founders

Gracie Bradwell

Kristen Millon

Pamela Alvarez

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